Prestress Transportation, LLC strives to be the industry leader in delivering precast and prestressed concrete products to our customers. We understand how crucial it is to deliver the product to our customer in the most organized and well established sequence. This ensures the job will be executed in an efficient and professional manner. Our highly skilled operators and field representatives are trained to deliver under any cisrumstance. We have prepared to work through unforseen situation to avoid setbacks and complete the task to our customer’s expectation.

Customer satisfaction is vital to the success of our transportation fleet. Our fleet utilizes specialized equipment that allows us the capability of hauling 80,000 lb legal loads to 300,000 lb plus Superloads. The trailers have been designed for the purpose of transporting precast and prestressed products in all types of terrain. The versatility of our equipment allows us to maneuver 90 degree corners as well as accommodate the most severe elevations at any job site. Through our many years of experience and engineering, Prestress Transportation, LLC continuously explores new technology to ensure that we are the leading force in the delivery of precast and prestressed products in hte midwest.