Performance, Value, Longevity

Prestress Services Industries, LLC (PSI) is the largest fabricator of bridge products in the Midwest and a leading fabricator of structural precast and prestressed concrete components for parking structures, warehouses, stadiums, manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings and other building projects.

From standard products to the ever-increasing sizes of girders and specialty components, we deliver an unmatched combination of plant capacity, fabrication experience and transportation expertise. We are able to manufacture and deliver superior precast/prestressed components faster and more cost effectively than any other company.

The PSI Advantage

  1. Four plants strategically located in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio
  2. Custom-built equipment to fabricate components efficiently
  3. Expert capacity management to deliver against aggressive schedules when other prestressed concrete competitors or alternative material suppliers cannot
  4. Integrated transportation fleet to deliver components faster. More precast components delivered per day means savings in labor and erection equipment for our customers.
  5. Aesthetically superior products which consistently exceed industry standards and designers’ expectations.

There are many advantages to prestressed concrete versus cast-in-place and steel materials

  • Higher quality because we achieve very high compressive strengths and painting is not necessary
  • More cost effective both initially and long-term because of both the low relative cost of prestressed concrete materials and also our relentless focus on cost efficiency and productivity.
  • Safer because fabrication is done in a controlled plant environment
  • Faster construction, delivery and installation as we require shorter lead times