Prestress Services Industries, LLC (PSI) is a leading fabricator of structural precast and prestressed concrete components for parking structures, manufacturing facilities, sports stadiums, commercial buildings and other building projects. Our in-house design, fabrication, delivery and erection has allowed us to supply well over 500 commercial structures on-time, on budget, and with best-in-class quality to the owner’s satisfaction.

With our unmatched combination of plant capacity, fabrication experience and transportation expertise, we are able to manufacture and deliver superior precast/prestressed components faster and more cost effectively than any other company. Prestress Services Industries, LLC was formed by combining established precast operations in Ohio, Indiana,and Kentucky. This combination of precast Bridge and Parking Structure Professionals make up what is now considered one of the leading Design, Fabrication, Delivery and Erecting Precasters in the US. Prestress Services Industries has a long history of providing parking structures ranging from 100 spaces to 2,400 spaces.

With four manufacturing facilities in the Midwest, PSI has provided their clients with quality durable products on-time and under budget for over 100 precast parking structures in 8 states (IL, IN, OH, MI, KY, WV, TN & MO) since the late 1960’s. PSI responds to the client’s needs and provides professional advice based on over 40 years of industry experience. Prestress Services Industries, LLC employs 35 staff professionals in engineering, drafting and project management at their Corporate Office and over 350 workers at their multiple manufacturing facilities located throughout the midwest.