UPI Culverts

United Precast Industries, LLC is a leading manufacturer in all culvert structure sections. UPI will manufacture the box sections exactly to the predetermined specifications. From allowing the proper specifications of water flow from under a road, railroad, trail or similar obstruction, our precast box culvert sections allow for the most secure and portected environment. We can manufacture box sections to your exact specifications on projects ranging from storm water routing, industrial waste seperation, or sewage conveyance.

Our precast box culvert sections allow for a more cost effective alternative to cast-in-place concrete structures. Quality can be controlled at our plant for limited delays in construction. We will provide a product that fits into your exact requirements including skewed sections up to 45 degrees.

UPI Specializes in four sided box culvert sections, three sided box culvert sections, wingwall culverts and headwall culverts. These precast culverts are created in the most cost efficient way which also allows for you to control your installation process ensuring the highest quality by experienced professionals.